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Computer Repairs Guildford

Computer Repairs Guildford

Computers can become gradually slow with time, this is one of most common problems that computer repairs guildford clients usually have with their desktop or laptop computers, the symptoms usually are:
  • Your desktop or laptop gets progressively slower throughout the day the programs take longer to open, when finally opened, they respond very slowly.
  • Sometimes, you experience computer lockups or the computer crashes.
  • Your computer regularly display memory errors or blue screen messages.
  • Your PC takes longer than usual to startup, sometimes you get critic error messages when the operating system starts or when you are restarting or shutting down.
  • Your internet connection started to feel sluggish or it has been slower than what is expected, even having a high speed internet connection service. Video and streaming services keeps stopping when your are trying to watch.
  • You get error messages when trying to print a file, opening applications, attaching or detaching external devices or even restarting your desktop or laptop.
  • Slow system startups, wake-ups, and resumes. Reduced foreground program performance, multimedia sputtering, freezes, and time-outs.
  • Your internet browser keeps opening popup windows on its own or sites that where not requested.
Computer repairs guildford have identified many different reasons that may have affected a windows PC performance, the main reasons usually are: virus, available memory, disk fragmentation, overloaded windows startup, redundant or unnecessary softwares installed, registry errors or clutter, accumulated junk files, out of date hardware drivers, adwares and spywares.

Internet Installation

Many of our clients have difficulty installing the internet router or configuring a home or office network, let the computer repairs guildford take care of that for you. We offer internet setup, internet share through wire or wireless technology.

Wireless Printer Installation

If you are having difficulties installing your wireless printer, computer repairs guildford will install your printer regardless what brand we can help you with printer sharing or connecting the printer to your Desktop computer, laptop computer or your Ipad using AirPrint technology.
Wireless Printer Installation

Laptop Repairs

We have years of experience repairing power broken dc port or replacing broken laptop screens.
Power Jack Connector Repair

DC Connector Repair / Power Jack Connector Repair

If your laptop power jack is pushed in, or lose, or even completely broken, computer repairs guildford will replace your laptop power connector or repair when possible.

If you laptop battery is not charging or if your laptop does not power up at all, computer repairs Guildford will repair your laptop charging you the most reasonable rates in the surrey area.

Broken Screen

Laptop Screen Repair / Laptop Screen Replacement

There is no reason to retire your laptop just because of a broken screen, at Computer Repairs Guildford we can repair or replace your laptop lcd screen saving you money and frustration of having to throw away otherwise a perfectly good laptop.

We will repair laptops of all brands and models including: Acer, Advent, Asus, Dell, EMachines, Fujitsu Siemens, Gateway, HP, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Packard Bell, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.

Memory Upgrades

Memory upgrade can be the most effective, easiest and most economic way of boosting your desktop or laptop computer performance.
Computer repairs guildford will make sure to upgrade your computer memory to the a faster and lower latency memory improving your pc or laptop speed.

Hard Drive Upgrades / Hard Drive replacement

If your computer is running out of hard disk space or you feel that your hard drive is about to stop working, a hard drive upgrade is highly recommended in instances like that.
The hard drive is one of the most important parts in your desktop or laptop computer and it is highly important that you have a hard drive unit which is not going to fail, as you obviously don't want to risk losing your personal data. Also, a hard drive without free space can dramatically reduce the speed of the whole system.
Be aware! If your hard drive has a clicking noise it might be a sign that the Hard Drive is about to go. Don't get caught by surprise, replace your hard drive before is too late.
Computer repairs guildford offers a quick and affordable hard drive replacement service, restoring your current system into the new hard drive so you will have your softwares and system just the way it was before the upgrade but now with a newer, more reliable and higher capacity hard drive.

Mac book air, macbook pro repairs

With 15 years experience with IT Technical support, Computer Repairs Guildford will offer you the best, friendlier and most reasonable prices in the Guildford area. We also provide IT Technical Support contract service for your small business, with reduced labour rates to assure that your IT will be up and running with a minimum level of disruption, including weekend and night time service.

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